The SANS Technology Institute offers a Master of Science Degree in Information Security Management (MSISM). This degree program is intended to prepare you to become the top information security leader in your organization (CSO, CISO, etc.).


The SANS MSISM program has thirteen (13) key learning objectives. MSISN students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in both written assignments as well as oral presentations.
  • Conduct research, synthesize results and produce insightful and beneficial written projects and presentations.
  • Effectively articulate leadership development theory and skills as it relates to information security.
  • Apply theoretical ideas in information security to real world situations.
  • Effectively articulate project management theory and implementation strategies (time management, organization, accountability, effective listening, conflict resolution, etc.).
  • Design, implement and manage an effective security awareness program.
  • Demonstrate IT Security knowledge skills and abilities such as incident handling, hacker techniques and exploits.
  • Utilize IT security knowledge, skills and abilities as it relates to software security.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Strategic Planning and the ability to assess and develop policy to mitigate risks.
  • Demonstrate a broad based understanding of security essentials.
  • Demonstrate how multiple functions such as business, management, policy and law interact in a highly technical information security environment.

  • Build ongoing compliance monitoring systems through instrumentation and automation of audit checklist while utilizing a risk driven method for designing and auditing an enterprise security validation program.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of why security controls and framework are important.


Attaining your MSISM is no simple task, requiring years of experience and commitment. If you have your mind set on the long term goal of being a strong, technical leader in information security, and if you feel up to the challenge, head on over to the SANS MSISM site for more information.